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I love to read for the escapism as well as to learn to be a better writer myself. This page is where I'll share books I read and loved!

So funny!

Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken

G.A. Aiken's Dragon Kin series is one of my 2 favorite fantasy romance series EVER! I read it to learn just as much as I read it for enjoyment. The author has such an amazing gift when it comes to writing humor into a story.


Dragon Actually is book 1 in the Dragon Kin series. I would recommend vising the author's website for her recommended reading order as that really adds to the overall hilarity. This story features one of the fiercest heroines in Annwyl the Bloody. I love her strength, her passion, and her complete acceptance of herself. She shakes up her dragon's quiet life, bringing his siblings and father into his space, and forcing him to once again care about the world...well, the part that involves Annwyl anyway. The interactions between the dragon siblings and their parents is so funny.


Highly recommended.